Custom payment flow

How it works

Sometimes you want more control or a custom solution, that fits in with your app. That's where direct charge comes in. We provide the APIs to charge customers, but you collect their payment information and bring your UI and payment flow. This means you can customize and control the customer's experience.

There are three main stages in direct charge:

1 Initiate the payment: You send the transaction details and the customer's payment details to the appropriate charge endpoints.

2 Authorize the charge: The customer authorizes the charge with their payment provider, such as their card issuer or bank. This completes the charge.

3 Verify the payment: Use callback or webhook to verify transaction.

These steps vary depending on the payment method (for example, a card charge may include multiple authorization steps).


Pro Tip

For non-card direct charge method, make sure to select x-www-form-urlencoded. when testing in postman or similar tools

What's next