Revio facilitates seamless global payment orchestration for businesses, encompassing a diverse range of currencies. Our platform boasts pre-integrated support for widely accepted payment methods, a result of our meticulous effort in identifying and collaborating with premier payment processors.

The intricate challenge of managing payments across various geographical regions and multiple sales channels necessitates a multifaceted approach. Often, the involvement of multiple providers becomes essential to handle customer conversions, enhance cost efficiency, bolster anti-fraud measures, and cater to diverse use cases.

Revio's pioneering payment orchestration empowers merchants to evolve their payment infrastructure, thereby fostering business growth while preserving an exceptional customer journey. This is achieved through automated transaction routing, where Revio determines the optimal payment transfer path.

How it works

Revio's payment orchestration capability integrates and manages the payment process from beginning to end, including payment authorization, transaction routing, and settlement. This process involves connecting to different payment service providers (PSPs), acquirers, and banks on one unique software layer.


This approach differs tremendously from separately integrated PSPs. E-commerce platforms and online service providers don’t need to integrate every PSP and every acquirer separately. Instead, they can consume the unified API of the payment orchestration layer, benefiting from a reduced integration complexity.

Payment Orchestration comes with several advantages which don’t occur in single-PSP or separated multi-PSP solutions, such as:

  • Automated payment routing based on specific criteria (consumer’s risk level, transaction costs, customer preference, etc.)
  • Cross-provider token vaults for credit card data
  • A standard 3D secure engine across providers
  • Unified data analytics and reporting for improving and optimizing costs and processes

Payment flows

Revio allows businesses to orchestrate payments globally, with most currencies. All popular payment methods are pre-integrated, meaning that Revio has already worked hard and selected the best payment processors to work with.

Revio payment integration options:

Payment flowDescription
StandardThe "standard" integration. Call our API on your server to get a payment link, redirect your customer to the link, and we'll redirect back to you when payment is made.
CustomBuild your UI and custom payment flow, collect your customers' payment information and charge them directly via API.


Setting the skip_capture flag to true allows you to separate the authentication and payment execution steps, allowing you to reserve funds on the customer's card account for some time.

Pre-authorisation capability is only available for card payments. Contact your Revio account manager to learn more and how to activate this se

1-click purchases

If the customer agrees to store his chosen method for future purchases, there will be an option to pay with a single click next time. To enable this, create a Client object for each client and provide the client_id parameter value in your POST /purchase/ creation requests. Only applicable for Card, Debit Order, Debicheck , LinkPay (Stitch) and Pay@ payment methods.

No code payments

If you lack a website or prefer to circumvent coding intricacies, rest assured, as we have tailored solutions to accommodate your preferences:

  • Effortlessly dispatch payment links to your clientele, enabling them to conveniently complete transactions.
  • Facilitate payment collection from clients through electronic invoicing, streamlining the process for enhanced efficiency.