Welcome to Reviopay, where cutting-edge technology meets hassle-free payment management. At Reviopay, we offer a comprehensive platform designed to transform the way businesses handle transactions. With our innovative solutions, clients can effortlessly manage payments, embrace global currencies, and provide customers with a personalized and secure payment experience.

Getting started

To establish a user and merchant account with Revio, we invite you to engage with our sales team through the following link: Chat to sales.

Upon accessing your dashboard, navigate to the Developer section in the Test Mode environment. Here, you can readily obtain your designated test API keys.

Optimize your integration by utilising our dedicated Postman workspace, offering a conducive environment for testing and providing invaluable testing helpers. This step will bolster your confidence before embarking on the live phase. When ready, switch to the Live Mode, to obtain your live API keys.

We offer the following reference material to use for testing purposes so that you can confidently launch your solution.

Supporting technical documentationLink
API referenceGo
Postman recipesGo

Minimal requirements

Merchant onboarding
Possess a valid and duly registered legal entity, whether of commercial or non-profit nature.
Abstain from involvement in activities related to gambling, pornography, or any form of terrorist or illegal pursuits.
Furnish comprehensive company details, facilitating the verification process for ownership of your accounts.
Demonstrate a commitment to upholding industry standards of ethical conduct.
Manifest agreement with our Master Services Agreement (MSA) and acknowledge receipt of our terms of service.
Acknowledge receipt and alignment with our privacy policy as a foundational aspect of our engagement.
These requisites collectively foster a professional and compliant environment that underpins our collaborative journey.

Get in touch

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